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Acharya Sushurtha ancient Surgeon in Ayurveda. Who later called as the father of modern surgery was lived in 4th century B.C and is the author of sushrutha samhitha – a complete book on practical surgery and midwifery – surgery was an important branch in Ayurveda which declined by time due to several social and political reasons. One hear say is like this. Once Buddha's close disciple had a surgery for bhaganthara – (Fistula – in – ano) unfortunately he died during the surgery. Buddha in deep sorrow termed surgery as Himsa(violence). So kings who was deep followers of Buddhisam enacted a law that to award capital Punishment to surgeon if, patient died by surgery. This prevented old surgeon to perform surgery and thus surgical branch in Ayurveda declined. But modern Ayurvedic community even neglected other theraphy mentioned in sushruth samhitha. Which is as effective as surgery. With sole intention of reviving this principle of sushrutha after several years of trial, we are able to formulate a unique concept of treatment for all degenerative joint disorder called ‘Upanaha swedham’(poultice) fomentation.

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