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“Snehopanahaagni karma bandanan mardhanani cha
Snayusandhi asthisampraptha krudha vayu vathan thiratha:”
- Susrutha samhitha.

For so many, it is a dream, to do the things that most people take for granted. To do these things easily and painlessly, simple everyday things like getting up from a chair… walking to the window… holding a cup… chopping vegetables… climbing up and down the stairs… The story of so many people is one of crippling pain and discomfort. When the joints in the body become swollen and stiff, When movement is difficult, restricting daily activities. But this is a story which could have a different ending, a positive ending for people treated by Poultice. The Poultice has its roots in the well has its roots in the well respected Ayurvedic System of medicine. Uniquely blending the art of herbal medication with a scientific understanding of anatomical and biochemical functions, adopts a holistic approach to the healing process. The herbal formulations are carefully prepared using ingredients extracted from naturally occurring substances which have traditionally established healing properties. Essentially, the Treatment consists of regular application, preferably at night, of herbal poultices on affected areas of the body. The poultice should be gently massaged in using a circular motion. The area is then firmly wrapped up with a bandage which is left on overnight. The poultice permeates transdermally into the damaged joint, gradually reducing inflammation; thereby increasing mobility, improving joint function, and relieving the pain. The Treatment does not involve injections, surgery, diet restriction or oral medication.

This concept has been taken from a classical text book called sushrutha samhita. While explaning the line of treatment for vatharoga the sushrutha acharya who is the father of surgery explains ‘upanaha swedham’ i.e. Poultice Fomentation to be adopted as line of treatment when vatha aggrevated and accumulated in the joints.

Sneha oileation, Upanaha – Poultice fomentation, agnikarma – cautarisation bandanam -plastering mardhanam– massage or pressure applying on affected areas should be adopted as line of treatment when vayu accumulated in snayu – tendons, sandhi – joints, asthi – bone. This particular Upnaha swedham or poultice fomentation was also mentioned by Acharya Charaka in the 13 types of fomentation. The uniqueness of this fomentation is that oileation and fomentation happens in the same time. This poultice is mixed with vathahara herbs, oils, and penetrating agents to fecilitate transdermal absorption.

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